From the sideline

Stepping into the broadcast world

As soon as I stepped foot into a broadcast booth I was hooked. I have my notes ready, I have my headset on, the players have made their way onto the field, and then I hear…”you are on.”

Growing up sports was everything to me. Yes, I was that kid that would wear football jerseys ever day to class while also grabbing the same sports book on library field trips. I was also the kid that wanted to be a NFL, MLB, and NBA star, but playing basketball all throughout school quickly humbled me into realizing there was absolutely no way that was going to happen. So, I figured if I can’t get paid to play sports, why not get paid to talk sports. And the dream was ingrained.

This past year I took a huge step towards my dream of being a sports broadcaster. I was hired on as a producer at KXnO for “Saturday Morning Pregame” and began working as a color-commentator for the Iowa Barnstormers. While there was so much to be excited about nothing compared to the moment I broadcasted my first Drake football game.

Walking into the booth at Drake stadium felt unreal. I could see where my dad and I used to sit for the games and now I am broadcasting the game. During breaks in our broadcast for DBS I would catch myself just soaking in the moment and realize that I am exactly where I need to be, doing what I am meant to do.

After the game ended, I left the stadium with a sense of high anticipation for the next game. I loved everything there was to broadcasting a game. I loved researching at night taking notes and reading articles. I loved re-watching the games prior to learn more about the other team. And of course, I loved the action of broadcasting a game.

I learned a lot about broadcasting this past year and what it takes to be a great broadcaster. The biggest thing I learned was that it is vital to re-listen to the broadcast and take notes of things to do better. I continually ask questions and study how the people that inspired me call their games and how they set themselves apart from everyone else.

Broadcasting is a passion of mine and something that I continually strive to get better at day after day and now I am hooked so, I cannot wait to get right back into that booth soon!

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