About Justin Miller

Hello! My name is Justin Miller and I am student at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. I am a multimedia journalism major with a dream goal of becoming a sports broadcaster/writer.

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Ever since I was eight years old I knew that I wanted to be involved in sports media. I am a current member of DBS (Drake Broadcasting System) where I’ve broadcasted Drake athletic events as both a play-by-play announcer and color commentator. Going into my senior year I have hopes of being the DBS Sports Director. One of my favorite parts of working in DBS is that it has allowed me to work with a great group of people who push me to be better everyday.

On top of everything I do at school I have also been fortunate to work in radio for 1460 KXnO as a producer and fill-in co-host. At KXnO, I produce a wide variety of shows including “Saturday Morning Pregame” and “Fantasy Camp.” I love working at the radio station as they have provided me with countless opportunities such as producing “The Murph and Andy Show” which I used to listen to as a kid, and even coming into host at times. Working at the station has helped me grow as a broadcaster by learning how to adapt to whatever happens around me and learn what it takes to put a three hour show together.

I also work with the Iowa Barnstormers as their official home color commentator. I did not need anymore reasons to follow my aspirations, but working for a semi-pro football team at 21-years-old has made me truly fall in love with broadcasting. I enjoy every part of what it takes to broadcast a game, the research, the interviewing, and of course the excitement of the game.

While sports are a huge part of my life they are not everything. One of my favorite pass times is kayaking and spending time outdoors with my family. My favorite trip I have ever been on was when I went to Colorado and conquered the Manitou Incline which is over 2,000 feet elevation gain. It was brutal but it was also beautiful all at once. Some of my favorite memories have included being outdoors with my family whether it be hiking up a mountain or just having a bonfire in our backyard.

I pride myself on having a positive mindset, being goal oriented, and being someone who can connect with anyone.